Enjoy cleaner air with no clogs because of our air duct cleaning services. Associated Cleaning Systems uses high pressure duct cleaning equipment mounted on our trucks to ensure a thorough and well done job.

These ducts are clean 

At our company, we have the right method to eliminate polluted air. Our machines deliver long-term efficiency in all phases of ventilation cleaning, and our air quality experts use HEPA air purifier systems. We only clean your ducts with the most advanced system available. 

Don't let Cleaning exhaust you

Choose us when you need residential and commercial dryer exhaust cleaning services. Fires in dryer exhaust ducts pose a serious risk to consumers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a consumer product safety alert that states that there are, annually, 15,500 fires, 10 deaths, and 310 injuries due to dryer exhaust fires. These fires result in millions o dollars in property loss. 

Hvac Duct Cleaning Systems Things You should know

According to the American College of Allergist, 50% of all illnesses are either cause by, or aggravated by polluted air. The problem could be your duct work, it is recommended to have it cleaned regularly and sanitized by an experienced professional. The definition of source removal duct cleaning is as follows :

Cleaning the air conveyance system using AIRE SWEEP compressed air tools and mechanical agitation devices to dislodge dirt and other contaminants from the duct work and other HVAC components, and a powerful HEPA-AIRE, HEPSA-filtered vacuum/collection system to pull these contaminants out of the duct system and capture them. 

What is an HVAC Duct System?

A conventional HVAC duct system consists of a supply system of ducts to carry heated or cooled air from the furnace/air conditioner to various parts o the home or building, and a return duct system to bring fresh air back to the air handler to be heated or cooled again. The supply network consists of a main duct, which carries air to smaller branch runs which carry air to the desired locations. The return network works in reverse. 

Duct Cleaning Procedures

The supply and returned networks are 'zoned', or separated, so they can be cleaned separately. This is typically done by removing the furnace filter, inserting it into a plastic bag, and re-inserting it into the furnace. 

An access hole is cut into the supply plenum and the flex duct from the HEPA-AIRE vacuum inlet is connected to the plenum with a quick-connect attachment collar. The powerful vacuum creates high velocity air movement within the supply duct work to transport loosened dirt and contaminants out of the duct work and into the vacuum's filtration/collection system. 

Each branch is cleaned separately starting with the branch furthest from the vacuum. The register and boot areas are blasted with compressed air from the AIRE-SWEEP compressor using the special air booster gun to push any dirt or debris into the branch run. 

The branches are then cleaned by feeding the forward AIRE-SWEEP assembly down each branch to push dirt and debris forward into the main run. The branches can also be cleaned using the reverse AIRE-SWEEP if access to the branch duct is available at the main duct. 

Agitation devices such as the AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush or Duct Whip are also used to dislodge caked on debris from inside duct surfaces.

The main run is then cleaned using agitation devices and the reverse AIRE-SWEEP assembly to dislodge debris accumulated on duct surfaces. The loosened debris is pulled backward toward the HEPA-AIRE power vacuum and captured in its multi-stage ileration/collection system. The 1 inch access holes need to be cut only every 25 feet. 

Once the supply side of the system has been completely cleaned, the return duct system is cleaned using the same methods. 

At this stage the coil, motor, blower, and blower compartment are cleaned. 

Once the entire process is completed, all access holes are completely closed with the efficient cap plugs and insulated spin doors the seal of any leaking and make the duct systems easily accessible for repeat cleaning.